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My Approach

I know that seeking counseling is an overwhelming task for some, so I try to make the experience as comfortable, convenient, and helpful as possible.  My clients find me down-to-earth and easy to speak with, while also knowledgeable and professional.


I believe that for any therapeutic progress to be made, the relationship between my clients and myself must feel comfortable and safe, and be rooted in trust and respect.  I am honest and transparent, work collaboratively with my clients, and aim to understand the problem through their eyes.    

I help my clients identify unhealthy patterns of thinking, acting, communicating, and relating that interfere with their ability to feel satisfied in their lives  Exploring these patterns, gaining insight into why we do them, and taking steps toward changing them helps propel people toward feeling better.  When this is done alongside an objective and nonjudgmental onlooker, symptoms and relationships will improve, and people feel happier and more content with their life.

When working with teenagers, I know that being creative and engaging is essential to make counseling an enjoyable and productive experience.  Sometimes adolescents have had negative experiences with counselors in the past, but I find that I am usually able to develop a healthy and positive relationship with most teens that I work with.  I often work collaboratively with parents, providing coaching on how to improve communication, establish healthy boundaries, and ease the conflict in their home.  

I work from a Humanistic foundation, though I regularly integrate several approaches and techniques, including: Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Acceptance/Mindfulness based (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, Interpersonal, Family Systems, etc.  I have knowledge of what the most effective approach is for a given problem, and tailor treatment to meet my clients’ individual needs.   

Most importantly, I see counseling as a collaborative process; one in which I rely on my experience and skills while leaning on my client’s strengths and resources, to help them navigate their struggles.